Sunday, December 11, 2016


Any businesses, big or small, established or newly built need services of a graphic designer. Your banners, company logo, letterheads, icons and other design elements play a significant role in the branding and marketing strategy of your company. These graphic elements represent your company and become the symbol the customers associate your product or service with.

We often think that designing a logo or banner is just an easy task just like putting some picture then you put some text and splash it with colors. If you think that way too, you are absolutely wrong! A good and effective graphic design requires a creative expert. If you want a logo or banner that can create impact among your potential costumer, then you need a good graphic designer. A good graphic designer is skilled and knowledgeable as to the best approaches to connect your products or services to your potential customers. Steve Jobs once said, “Some people think design means how it ‘looks,’ but of course if you dig deeper, it’s really how it ‘works.’” Hiring a graphic designer may sounds expensive but in the long run, you would gain from it several folds.

Here are some practical tips why you need to hire a graphic designer:
  1. 1.       Saves you lot of time
  2. As a business owner or manager you already have enough work that keeps you busy. Obviously, you don’t have a time to brainstorm the design or actually create it. If you are not adept in using graphic editing software it will take much of your time trying to figure out how to produce quality graphic. By hiring professional graphic designer Rockingham you could focus on your job as manager and leave the designing to the expert. Expert graphic designer can make your ideas into life quicker, and would leave free to do what you do best.
  3. 2.       Saves you money
  4. Hiring graphic is not really that expensive as you think. There are many graphicdesigner Rockingham that provide affordable services. If you factor in the time you save and the cost of printing, you will end up saving lot of money. Take note that printers take extra charge for designs that is not “clean.”  
  5. 3.       They make things pretty things work
  6. The marketing guru, the great Steve Jobs once said, “Some people think design means how it ‘looks,’ but of course if you dig deeper, it’s really how it ‘works.’” Your logo or your banner should not only look pretty but it should be able to do its job, which is to communicate with the potential customer. Graphic designer do not just make pretty designs but they can produce pretty designs that converts.
  7. Graphic design plays a significant role in establishing your presence in the market. One should not underestimate its power in helping you achieve your goal in business world. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Things To Consider When Designing A Company Logo

Your company logo is the face that represents your company to the world. If you are to present your face to the world how would you want it to be? Would you want show solid and dependable image? Or would you want to it be playful and fun? Simple? Colorful? However you want it done, just remember that your logo should represents the culture, values and principles of your company.
Your company logo is one of the important factors in your marketing strategy. A logo is something that can make or break a business marketing strategy. Most of the time a mistake on that area would result to a rebranding. Rebranding is not an easy task it would require a great deal of resources, especially in terms of human and financial resources. To avoid that colossal mistake here are some points that you need to take into consideration when choosing a logo for your company.
1.       Size. Yes, in terms of logo design, size does matter. Use a logo design that would look good both in huge and small platforms. A graphic designer Rockingham that is expert in logo design should be able create a design that would look good in huge billboards as well as in tiny business cards. A good logo design should be recognizable even in small sizes, that it can be perfectly fitted to business cards or in small mobile phone screens.
2.       Design. Designing a company logo is tough decision. One should understand what are values and principles a company wanted to convey. In general, the purpose of a logo is to suggest some information about the company. For instance, an engineering company tend to have a logo with angular lines to convey precision and speed. On other hand, a service-oriented company would opt to have logo with round design that suggests trust and a sense of service. Logo has only few seconds to tell a story your company want to convey to customers, thus, creating one "can be sometimes the most difficult phase of branding."
3.       Coherence. Your logo must express the idea of consistency. The image, color, text and other elements should work together in telling the message your logo wants to express.  You cannot simply put an image here and there then add some lines and text in different colors and called it a logo. A well-made logo suggests a degree of professionalism and competence, that each of its elements implies logical unity in telling a story you wanted communicate.


Getting a logo that would represent your company to the world is an important decision. It is imperative that you a hire a logo design Rockingham expert that could bring your idea to life.   

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Best 3D Logo Design

There is a conflict between people as for the need of a logo design for a flourishing business. Free, fast and cheap are not the attributes you want to have in the that presents your company. Nothing comes for free, an emblem designed in two several hours will lack depth and understanding and a cheap logo might prove expensive in the long run. Once your logo is designed in addition to it printed on your entire business cards, packaging, marketing materials and displayed on your website it will be more expensive to redesign and print all these items than if you don't do it right initially.

They a professional logo design Rockingham based firm are experts having numerous years of industry involvement in company logo designing and have performed for corporate customers all over the globe. Permit them build your organization's logo design - your corporate logo design design that creates an impression about your corporation, a logo that is outlined on the idea of 'configuration that bodes well'. Professional logo design Rockingham offers best business logo plan to match your finances. Any logo setup organization will have one and only logo artist to plan your business emblem. Park Life Graphics has a group of our expert logo architects to choose your organization logo plan.

That they furnish you with custom logo outline ideas within 24 hours of your request. Get boundless changes for your organization logo design plan until you are 100 % fulfilled by the logo outline. Experienced website designers Austarlia, produce you with a professional business logo plan at an outright modest rate. The site may have recommendations on it or else you may have to ask for testimonials from the company.

Any logo designing organization would charge you at least a couple of hundred or so dollars for a company logo plan, yet Rockingham logo firm on the net that permits the purchaser to be in on the cost for their logo. Despite the fact that they give moderate custom logo put together, their expert logo designers get the highest quality custom logo plan for your company. A logo design is merely one and something that the web designer, like the website, will have charge of.

This professional logo designing company have comprehended the craft of getting custom logo outline and the expert logo designers will definitely get you the best corporate logo design plan that will reflect the corporate brand personality of your organization. This is anything but hard to discover a logo plan firm in the web; however, most them are only a few can be who work with no expert build. Park Life Graphics is an emblem outline firm that has some expertise in business logo plan.

Monday, September 19, 2016

5 Key Factors That To Make a Logo Design Great

Every thing your business stands for can easily be conveyed by your custom logo. It's fundamentally the visual representation of your unique selling proposal, key benefits, and goods and services offered. Just what Logo Design Perth services which offer affordable and unique logo designs.

Unfortunately, there are so many entrepreneurs away there who don't know the value of having a well-designed, professional branding identification.

Whether you're in the process of doing your first logo design or perhaps considering rebranding your business, there are 5 essential points you must carefully consider if you need to create a great and lasting impression:

Begin with result in mind. Logo design is not totally about creativity. It's all about sending the right message to your customers. Therefore, before you even start sketching, it is critical to take a step back and show at the big picture. How will you like your potential customers to perceive your small business? What is your mission statement? Who are your target customers? These types of questions would be the backbone of a great logo.

Find out your competition. It certainly is far better to check away the trademarks of your direct as well as indirect competitors. Are they using flashy graphics or conservative font-based logo like IBM, Nokia, Mobil, and Volvo? This is critical for 2 reasons. First of all, you don't want to have the same look and feel employed by your friendly competitors. Second, this exercise will avoid any trademark infringement and other legal issues in the long run.

No clipart please. Some entrepreneurs want to cut corners so each uses clipart without realizing they may be weakening their brand image. Clipart is not even just the thing for PowerPoint presentations. Trust me; it will probably be really bad if you use that as your official emblem. More than this, it devalues the uniqueness of your business for this can be copied too easily. Remember, branding is focused on setting up your business in addition to others.

Limit your colors. Whilst it's nice with an extra creative six-color business logo, discover a hidden cost you do not realize. Earliest, printing your logo to stationery and other marketing materials is much more expensive in case you are by using a lot of colours. To make things worse, only some printing companies is equipped with the right equipment to do this. Also keep in mind that your logo can look in several mass media from billboard, newspaper, advertising products, signage, packaging, and so on. It's generally safe and cost-effective to have much more two-color logo.

Believe of long-term value. A great logo design must be relevant for the next 10 to 20 years. Great examples are Nike and Google. Is actually simple yet elegant and it's been the same since its inception. Upgrading a vintage logo is quite risky for there's always a likelihood of alienating or confusing your target customers.

Working with a well-experienced and customer-focused web developer will help you build a great logo design. Visit if you need any help about company logo design, Web page design, mascot design, or promotional items.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Common Mistakes By Graphic Designers In Web Design

Typically the words are critical but without the right look,  claims might not get the attention they deserve. The effect of graphic design is witnessed by us everyday, when we look to an advertisement in newspapers, publications or in tv set or on the labels of several products that are sold shopping. A image design composes the data and ideas in a most harmonised manner so that when it reaches the onlooker or the customer, it will express the feeling of experience. The dress industry is also taken advantage of with the graphic with which it could design various emblems or designs on the t-shirts and other garments with the aid of screen printing devices.

When it involves website branding, it can be essential to not use too much graphic photographs as this can make the web page glimpse cluttered. Possessing said this, the secret when it involves using graphic photographs should be to use them in measured proportions. About one furthermore, it is also essential which you consider the some essential parts when it comes to graphic style to your internet site.

In addition, the web designer also needs to determine on the proper colors that could complement the style of marketplace in addition as audience that you just would like to target. The kinds of font utilized are also regarded as as an crucial issue to consider as it pertains to graphic design. You'll find a whole lot of fonts that a image designer can decide on currently but the crave duet truly is important that the font will enhance the subject material too as the total look from the site. By working with graphic layout for site branding, your website will get larger site visitors thereby improving your conversion costs likewise as revenues.

If you really want to become a web graphic designer, then you have to learn some software that you will be using in work. As a graphic designer in rockingham has done a variety of web graphics art and logos and illustration for a variety of websites. Very easily identifiable symbols of various companies which we identify and hook up with the companies are created by graphic designers. Whether it is the golden arc of McDonald's or the whoosh of Nike, all of these designs have germinated as ideas in the brains of a image designer. Visual arts - Before the using any graphics, the designer must visualize the scene.

Marketing agencies and media residences work closely with graphic designers as they are essential to providing absolutely free themes with their demands. This is made by typesetters, compositors, typographers, graphic artists, art directors, and clerical workers. With regard to a designer new thoughts & ideas can come by way of playing with modern tools and techniques. Internet & other technological innovations have made it easy to get almost any visual design help as World Wide Web is laded with the information to simplify the graphic designers' job. A graphic designer must get the theme while creating images and using images in order that they integrate easily with the website design.

Monday, July 18, 2016

How To Get Job In Graphic Design

The tech capital of Perth, Australia is the center of several activities, whether it be for imparting finest education or for superb job in private and government sector. If you are writing graphic designer resumes, developer resumes or web development company maintains then you can use your full imagination to make it as attractive as is feasible. If you need to sign up for a job and desire a free resume form, a fairly easy search on the internet should solve your problem. There are a whole lot of sites offering tons of free information how to make a business successful resume. The use of the free application form represents the necessary aid when you be short of experience or skill with words. Find the job information you found and write a cover notification as you were making use of for that job.

Therefore, you can see for your self that a resume goal is the main part of a resume and you should never omit it. I hope that by reading the above article you will definitely realize the value of writing a good resume objective statement. In order to find a good example go to Google and type: Covers Letter Example for Image artists in the search window. Ok, you have.. you located a job in the internet, had written a cover letter... now it's time to publish a resume... a winning application, of course. It's also helpful for those designers who currently have a profile but want to re-work on it. Cover correspondence have many layouts but essentially have the same information and distribution.

Holder: This is where the data of the person or department that will get your job application letter and job application. Paragraph two: This passage is designed to describe why you are trained for the work. In the job description there is certainly usually a set of responsibilities that the person making use of for the position should do. Highlight experience that display your capacity in gratifying those tasks. A quick introduction directed at the skills and qualifications needed for the job.

Talk about the positioning title and company name to bring the reader back to the precise job in question. The qualifications and skill set required for the positioning of a visual designer is Degree in fine arts. The main one who has acquired adobe recognition related to particular site of graphic designing can also pursue a job in this field. The web designer salary hinge after your experience level and sort of industry you are working.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Is it Worthy to Spend Your Online Promotion Budget on Social Media?

Since we are now spending hours browsing the internet, as a business enthusiast, there’s no excuse for not having a social media to reach your potential customer. If you post a well -written article, many people would more likely to read it, and share it whenever they like. Similarly, when we are posting our selfies, and interesting life events that anybody could relate to.  Why having a social media page is important for your business? Simple, your brand doesn't exist online if you don't have social media pages.

The good thing is, most of which are for free, you only need to set up an account; come up with engaging content; share it out to your multiple, then let the audience do the rest. Who wouldn't have any desire to gain by that?

Help you grow your brand.

Why do you think digital marketing experts say that the social media is a good medium for business? They are not jumping the gun when they concluded that statement. They have tools that can justify it. And the tools show that almost 70% of the traffic are coming from social media marketing avenues. So by giving your business a social media that it deserves is always worth it. Promoting your business online using social media goes hand in hand with the appearance of your page. Giving your visitors the titillating experience while checking your page, and  reading your content  is a good sign .  

Increase your web traffic.

Having a hundreds “likes”, and many shares on social media can make you famous in an instant. We all know how easy it is.  Gaining a lot of followers on your social media pages are the best way to build a relationship with them. You can also check their feedback and reaction on your products/services right away. Given this opportunity, accommodate their inquiries and address them personally can also build a good reputation online.

Targeting and retargeting in social media is possible.

This is one of the best features social media has to offer. In Facebook, the algorithm would tell the client references by the pages she/he liked before, as well as its demographic.  In addition to this, you have the choice to install Facebook pixel. How can you utilize this feature? You can use it to retarget the people who have visited your website. These visitors are more inclined to convert into solid deals and sales. Also, the most rewarding responds is when they recommend your services to their colleague.

Therefore, you need to be hands on to your social media pages, and know everything about it. Well, if you are busy and doesn't have much time to create one for your business, we can provide you one. We in graphic designer Rockingham, can produce social media pages with an amazing graphics for everyone to see. Parklife Graphics is a creative marketing hub where innovation and strategy drive results. From building brands that grow your business to graphic design, all that, and more.

Our graphic designers create eye catching banners and visuals for your logo design Rockingham, developing a seamless online presence with your brand message at the heart of every contact point.