Sunday, December 4, 2016

Things To Consider When Designing A Company Logo

Your company logo is the face that represents your company to the world. If you are to present your face to the world how would you want it to be? Would you want show solid and dependable image? Or would you want to it be playful and fun? Simple? Colorful? However you want it done, just remember that your logo should represents the culture, values and principles of your company.
Your company logo is one of the important factors in your marketing strategy. A logo is something that can make or break a business marketing strategy. Most of the time a mistake on that area would result to a rebranding. Rebranding is not an easy task it would require a great deal of resources, especially in terms of human and financial resources. To avoid that colossal mistake here are some points that you need to take into consideration when choosing a logo for your company.
1.       Size. Yes, in terms of logo design, size does matter. Use a logo design that would look good both in huge and small platforms. A graphic designer Rockingham that is expert in logo design should be able create a design that would look good in huge billboards as well as in tiny business cards. A good logo design should be recognizable even in small sizes, that it can be perfectly fitted to business cards or in small mobile phone screens.
2.       Design. Designing a company logo is tough decision. One should understand what are values and principles a company wanted to convey. In general, the purpose of a logo is to suggest some information about the company. For instance, an engineering company tend to have a logo with angular lines to convey precision and speed. On other hand, a service-oriented company would opt to have logo with round design that suggests trust and a sense of service. Logo has only few seconds to tell a story your company want to convey to customers, thus, creating one "can be sometimes the most difficult phase of branding."
3.       Coherence. Your logo must express the idea of consistency. The image, color, text and other elements should work together in telling the message your logo wants to express.  You cannot simply put an image here and there then add some lines and text in different colors and called it a logo. A well-made logo suggests a degree of professionalism and competence, that each of its elements implies logical unity in telling a story you wanted communicate.


Getting a logo that would represent your company to the world is an important decision. It is imperative that you a hire a logo design Rockingham expert that could bring your idea to life.   


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